Before we start, please take a few moments to go over this pregame information with your team. Connect with your team over Zoom, Skype, or any platform of your choice.

Share the link to this page with your team so that they can follow along.

Pregame Information

The Detective and the Forensic Agents

This is what makes our virtual escape game really unique! One player will be designated the Detective, while the rest of the players will be Forensic Agents. Each role will gain access to different information pertaining to the case. Your goal is to help the Detective fill out the Detective Report with the correct inputs. Almost all of the puzzles will require direct communication between the two roles - no sitting back and letting one player do all the work!

The player that purchased the game will be the Detective, and the rest of the team will be Forensic Agents.

Use what you have!

There is only one rule: No sharing screens! The key to this virtual escape game is communication, and so screen sharing would make for a lesser experience.

Everything else is fair game. You are free to take notes, open up other tabs in your internet browser, and even use apps on your phone - nothing is off limits!

Ready to Start?
Remember, each role has access to different information - so make sure to communicate what you see to your team! Good luck!