Cyber Crime Unit: How it works.

Players are directed to the exclusive Cyber Crime Unit website where they will find a case brief and some clues to start off their online adventure. From there, players will have to work together to find digital clues and solve mind-bending puzzles.

One player will be designated the Detective, while the rest of the players will be Forensic Agents. Each role will gain access to different information pertaining to the case. Your goal is to help the Detective fill out their Detective Report with the correct inputs. Almost all of the puzzles will require direct communication between the two roles - no sitting back and letting one player do all the work!

The Detective
The Detective's job is to uncover evidence and clues by correctly filling in the blanks of the Detective Report. The Detective must be adept at relaying information to the Forensic Agents.

Gain unique access to the DETECTIVE REPORT.

Forensic Agent
The Forensic Agent's job is to use their database of information to help solve puzzles. A Forensic Agent must be adept at analyzing information to find the correct solution.

Gain unique access to the FORENSIC LAB.

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How long do we have to complete it?

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The game typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. However, there is no enforced time limit.

How many players can be on a team?

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We recommend that each team has 2-6 players for the best experience. We encourage groups of 6+ to split into smaller teams for a little friendly competition.

How do I set up multiple teams?

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Each team needs one Detective, and the Detective role can only be accessed by logging in with a paid account.

If you want to have multiple teams, feel free to share your paid account login information so that others can sign in and be Detectives as well.

Do we need a game host?

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No. The game is completely self-run and instructions are delivered once the purchase has been made.

Will this work in a corporate setting?

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Absolutely! Our escape game emphasizes team collaboration and is a great way to build up your team's communication skills.

If you have questions about how we can help accommodate a corporate team, please contact us at

What devices do I need?

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Each player will need either a desktop computer or a laptop with a web browser.

Currently the game is not optimized to work on mobile devices.

Which video conferencing software do you support?

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You can utilize any software that you are comfortable with - you could even do it in person. As long as you can communicate with the rest of your team and everyone has their own computer.

Can we play with just two people?

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Definitely! Our game works great with teams of 2.

What if I don't have a webcam?

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No problem! You can participate without a webcam.

When can I play?

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Our escape game is completely self-run, so you can play it whenever you want to.

Does everyone need to purchase the game?

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Nope! Just one person needs to sign up and purchase the game.

Further instructions are given post-purchase.

What if we get stuck?

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There is a dedicated hint system built into the game so that you can ask for help if you ever get stuck.

Do people need to download anything?

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Nope! The entire game is playable from your web browser.

I've never done an escape room before, will I be completely lost?

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While our game is modelled after in-person escape rooms, it is a completely different experience that requires no prior knowledge of how escape rooms work.

I forgot my account login information.

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