Welcome, Detective.

Important Message from the Cyber Crime Unit Director:
*Please note that all answers must be CAPITALIZED*

1. The name of the deceased is

2. Lisa Hobbs was recently promoted to the role of

Upon further inpection, we discovered an unknown fingerprint on LISA's ID card.

3. A fingerprint was found on Lisa's ID card at the scene of the crime. The fingerprint had three characteristics including

Based on your analysis, we have discovered that the fingerprint belongs to FRANCINE DUBOIS, a Paralegal at the firm. Let's ask her what she was doing with LISA's ID card.
“I ran into Lisa while I was leaving the office and she dropped her ID card. I picked it up and handed it back to her. It was about 9:50pm - I was at the office late finishing up some work. Lisa said that she was meeting someone, but didn't say who. Seems a little late to be having a meeting if you ask me.

But if anyone knows what Lisa was up to that night, it would be Naomi - She's kind of the company gossip. Try contacting her."
- Francine Dubois

4. There is a suspected romance between ____ ____

and ____ ____.

This DEREK DOBERHEIM seems like a person of interest. He isn't talking, so do some digging online and see if you can find anything on him.

5. Lisa Hobbs was found to be wearing a brand new pair of _______ brand earrings.

6. Lisa's best friend is _______.

Lisa sat next to _______ at the office.

Lisa's half-brother is _______.

These are the three people that Lisa was likely to be closest to. Let's see if we can dig up any motives on them. I bet the IT department at the law firm can help us hack into their work laptops.

7. Lisa was found to have filed a ____ ____ report

against ______.

All three of these emails offer good motives, but let's look into that sexual harassment complaint first. We found the official document but it seems to be encrypted. We have the correct numbers but need you to hack in and unscramble the code to find the correct sequence.
View Encrypted File

8. The encrypted document ID is ______.

Without his keycard, there's no way GEORGE could have had access to the building. Seems as though his scummy behaviour in the office has given him the perfect alibi.

We just received a new piece of evidence. It's an audio clip from one of the meeting rooms, but the frequency is jammed. Somebody really didn't want us hearing whatever is on this clip. We must be getting close.

9. The three frequencies of the audio clip are ______ Hz.

Great work team! We were able to unjam the clip. Take a listen and see what you can uncover.

10. The audio clip revealed two people arguing about a(n) _______.

10. The audio clip revealed two people arguing about a(n) _______.

This promotion definitely seems to be a contentious issue.

We just received the UV scans of the entire floor. The blood trail proves that the body was moved from somewhere else post mortem! 

Follow the blood trail.

11. From START, the blood trail leads us in the following seven directions:

The blood trail led us to the office of ROB SALINGER. Upon further investigation of his office we discovered a receipt in the trash can for a pair of Vossa Earrings - the same ones that Lisa was wearing!

It's time to interrogate ROB about all of this.
“Alright, yes. I bought the earrings for Lisa because... well because we were having an affair! But I didn't kill her! In fact, I was supposed to meet with her last Friday night, but I showed up and she wasn't there - so I left... When I came in on Monday morning and heard about the murder, I discovered the bullet in my office. Lisa must have been waiting for me in my office when the killer shot her.

I knew the bullet being in my office could incriminate me, especially because of the affair, so I took it and kept it with me. I know it was wrong, but here: I still have the bullet from the scene. Maybe this will help you figure out who the real killer is."
- Rob Salinger

12. The gun is a _______.

Based on the type of gun, we have discovered that it belongs to... SANDRA JEWEL - the other Partner at the firm. It's time we brought her in for questioning.
“Yes, that is a bullet from my gun. But it stays locked up in my office and I can assure you I did not shoot the poor girl. However, several people at the firm have clearance to get in my office using their access card including Rob, Hannah, and George."
- Sandra Jewel
It looks like we have all of the information we need. It's time to solve this case!

13. The murder weapon was _______.

The motive was _______.

The murderer is _______.

‍You have solved the murder of LISA HOBBS.
Let's see what HANNAH SPARKS has to say for herself:
“Lisa and I were best friends... But when she got the promotion over me I... I couldn't take it. And then on Friday I overheard her making plans to meet Rob at the office later that night. I realized that the only reason she got that promotion is because she's sleeping with the boss! This was unacceptable. Lisa is a liar and an adulterer. She had to go.

I.. I didn't mean to kill her I swear. I just wanted to wave the gun around to threaten her into giving up the promotion. But she wouldn't back down and... well... things got out of hand."
- Hannah Sparks


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