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Welcome to the Cyber Crime Unit demo!

This is a simple example of the kinds of puzzles you will encounter in the full game. When you start Cyber Crime Unit, players are divided into one of two roles - The Forensic Agents or the Detective - and are given access to either the Forensic Lab or the Detective Report respectively. However, for this demo we have put both roles on one screen so that you can have a better understanding of what to expect.

*Please note that neither this demo nor the full game are built for mobile devices


What the DETECTIVE sees:

The orange key unlocks:

The blue key unlocks:

The green key unlocks:

Congrats! Demo complete!
As you can see, players will need to communicate with eachother in order to solve puzzles and uncover new clues. In this particular puzzle, the Detective would need to describe the shapes of the keys to the Forensic Agents in order to figure out which key unlocks which door.

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